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Tell me about your project...
  • What rooms are you working on?
  • What's your budget? $0-$5K, $5K-10K, $15K+ ?
  • Do you need new furniture? (sofas, chairs, ottoman, media stand, tables, etc)
  • Flooring needs? (rugs, carpet, wood or tile, etc)
  • Lighting needs? (lamps, ceiling fixtures, etc)Do you need help accessorizing? (wall art, mirrors, etc)
  • Do you need window treatments? (shades, blinds, drapery)
  • Do you need paint colors selected?
  • Do you just need room re-arranging and general decorating advice?

... and I would love to hear how you found me!


Thank you for your contacting me. I'll get back to you within 24 hrs.

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