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"I have been working with Cindy for about a year now on several projects. She just "got" us right away. One of the first things we asked her to do was help us find a rug for a room that had already been designed. Then, we asked her to do what I thought was impossible. I had picked out a great wallpaper for my daughter's room and had it put up. Then, I realized I had no idea what to do for the rest of the room. Cindy walked right in, checked out the room and measured (her attention to detail is amazing!). In a few days I had a cool computer schematic showing recommended fabrics, window treatments, etc., and she works a budget like nobody's business. For my daughter's room, we used sheets from Target to make a bedspread so we could spend on a fabulous window treatment. For the master bedroom, I asked for a leopard rug. And she delivered...a Stark rug that she miraculously got us for a steal! Additionally, she works to find anything you like. For example, if you just think you need a little something like bathroom accessories she can recommend the ones to get for your room. Cindy's great and I think she's a rising Chicago design star who is very connected to the style and budget of her clients."  - Trisha W.“


Thanks to Cindy, we have a home. When we met Cindy, we were combining two residences and two ideas of what a home should look like. She listened to us and provided objective selections with a decorator's expertise. When we said, "give us three choices" she gave the three best. She was incredibly cognizant of our budget and made quality a priority. She was more than accessible and worked around our schedules. Simply put, when we come to our condo every night, we know it's ours and we know that she got us there. We had fun doing it too!”  - Katie K.


“Cindy was truly great to work with! After living with bare walls for a long time and not knowing what to do with them, Cindy was able to come in and pick the perfect colors for my entire house. She took my tastes and needs into consideration and chose colors that all work beautifully together, which I found so difficult to do on my own because many of my rooms flow together. I thought it would be too expensive to hire a designer, but I was wrong - Cindy was both efficient and affordable. I enjoyed working with her so much that I’m ‘gifting’ her services to my mom for her birthday. I recommend her to anyone who is looking for interior design expertise – whether you have a large or small project – and want to work with someone who is talented and who you can trust.”  – Maria B.


"The best thing about working with you was how much I learned about good design principles and places to shop. I really appreciate it."  - Jennifer H.

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