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why hire a decorator


Many homeowners express a desire to work with an Interior Decorator yet few actually make the call. Why? Perhaps they've heard about opinionated decorators or they feel they can’t afford one.  I charge an hourly fee, so you can decide how much or how little assistance you need.  Get the most from your money by writing out questions and a list of your priorities for your space.


Do you need additional pieces added to your room, or an entire home furnished?  I can provide floor plans, paint colors, and shop for everything on your behalf --from sofas, chairs and tables, to floor and window coverings, to accessorizing with lighting and wall art.  I'll help you plan and prioritize your project according to your needs, budget, and timeframe.


My expertise means you don’t have to worry about furniture placement, furniture size, or fabric and color coordination. Most of all, I'll save you months of research and shopping from store to store on your time off and prevent potentially expensive design mistakes.


What you can expect:


  • An understanding of your lifestyle and use of your living space.

  • That your space will be designed in your decorating style.

  • The sense that your interests and opinions matter.

  • Assurance that I will stick to your budget.

  • As hassle-free a process for you as possible.

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